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You are travelling on a motorway. You decide you need a rest. You should _________.

A Pull in at the nearest service area.

If you feel tired stop at the nearest service area. If it’s too far away leave the motorway at the next exit and find a safe place to stop. You must not stop on the carriageway or hard shoulder of a motorway except in an emergency, in a traffic queue, when signalled to do so by a police or enforcement officer, or by traffic signals. Plan your journey so that you have regular rest stops.

Related Information

The UK has an extensive network of motorways, providing a vital link between cities and towns. Service areas on these motorways provide drivers with access to amenities such as food, fuel and rest stops. These service areas are designed to help ensure that long-distance journeys can be made in comfort and safety.

Service areas on the UK's motorway network vary greatly in terms of size and facilities available, but all offer basic amenities such as toilets, vending machines for snacks or drinks and seating where drivers can take a break from their journey if needed. Many also have petrol stations so motorists can refuel before continuing their journey; some even have car washes too! The larger service stations often include restaurants offering hot meals along with shops selling various items for those who need them during their trip – everything from newspapers to toothpaste!

Service area staff members play an important role in ensuring the safe operation of these facilities by helping people find what they need quickly while also monitoring any potential hazards or incidents which may occur within the station itself. They are there to ensure that everyone’s experience is both comfortable and safe when using these services whilst out on the road; this includes making sure that parking spaces remain free at busy times so other motorists aren't inconvenienced by having nowhere to stop off at when needed. In addition, most service area staff will happily answer any questions visitors may have about local attractions or events taking place nearby - something which helps make longer journeys more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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