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You are travelling at night. You are dazzled by headlights coming towards you. You should

A slow down or stop

You will have additional hazards to deal with at night. Visibility may be very limited and the lights of oncoming vehicles can often dazzle you. When this happens don’t close your eyes, swerve or flash your headlights, as this will also distract other drivers. It may help to focus on the left kerb, verge or lane line.

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Keeping against getting dazzled on the road

Keep your sights to the left to prevent being dazzled by an incoming vehicle's headlights.

By keeping your sight to the left, you will avoid gazing straight at the light and will be able to see the road's edge more clearly. To prevent mistakenly blinding other drivers, set your vehicle's headlights to aim slightly left of the vehicle's central longitudinal axis.

Another driver's headlights can temporarily dazzle you if:

- The driver is hauling a trailer or carrying a huge load in the back of the vehicle and has not adjusted the headlights to accommodate (this is because if the rear of the car is lower than usual the headlights will point further up)

- A motorcycle is carrying a pillion passenger, and the extra weight on the back makes the main headlight beam to shine brighter - most motorcycles have a preset for this - the angle of a turn you are approaching means you are in the direct beam of the headlights

- A crest or series of crests or bumps raises the approaching vehicle's front end slightly.

- The driver failed to dip their headlights. 

- A motorist with adjustable suspension lowered the rear suspension without compensating for it. 

- Slow down and keep your eyes to the left if you are blinded. It will take a few seconds for your eyes to adapt back to normal once the blinding light has passed, during which time you may have reduced visibility, which may include seeing coloured spots or having less definition in what you are seeing.



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