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You are travelling along this narrow country road. When passing the cyclist, you should go ______.

A slowly, leaving plenty of room

Look well ahead and only pull out if it is safe. You will need to use all of the road to pass the cyclist, so be extra-cautious. Look out for entrances to fields where tractors or other farm machinery could be waiting to pull out.

Related Information

Sharing the road with cyclists means overtaking them safely. When it's your turn to drive, use these tips to make sure you're contributing to everyone's safety on the roads.

1. Slow down

Slow down when you see a cyclist in the road up ahead! Passing riders fast raises the likelihood of an accident and can be frightful for the riders.

2. Never pass in turns

Wait until you are on a clear, straight section of road to pass. Passing on hills can be risky as well because it reduces visibility.

3. Give some space

Leave at least three feet between you and a cyclist when passing; the more space, the better. In several states, the law requires drivers to give four feet of space when passing. Additionally, it's crucial to give enough space for riders to get around any roadside obstructions, such as storm drains and debris. As long as it's clear, using your blinker to move into the other lane to pass is permitted in the majority of states. When reentering your lane, make sure to allow the cyclist plenty of room.

4. Be patient

Never yell or honk at a cyclist. To ensure everyone's safety, use patience and pass every cyclist carefully.


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