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You are towing a trailer on a motorway. What is your maximum speed limit?

A 60 mph

Don’t forget that you’re towing a trailer. If you’re towing a small, light, trailer, it won’t reduce your vehicle’s performance by very much. However, strong winds or buffeting from large vehicles might cause the trailer to snake from side to side. Be aware of your speed and don’t exceed the lower limit imposed.

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What is the maximum speed limit when you are towing a trailer on a motorway?

When towing, some speed limits are lower than usual. Unless the road signs indicate otherwise, you may not exceed:

- 30 mph in built-up areas

- 50 mph on single carriageways

- 60 mph on dual carriageways or motorways

When there is a crosswind, when you are moving downhill, and there is limited vision, slow down.

What to remember when you are towing a trailer on a motorway?

- On a motorway you must not reverse, cross the central reservation or drive missed your exit or have taken the wrong route, carry on to the next exit.

- Caravans, horseboxes or trailers should not be towed in the outside lane of a motorway having more than two lanes, unless other lanes are closed.

- Be considerate - other road users can often become frustrated by slow moving towing vehicles, which can lead to dangerous risks being taken. So check your mirrors often and if you are holding up a queue of traffic be prepared to pull in where it is safe to let other faster traffic pass.


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