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You are parked in a busy high street. What is the safest way to turn your vehicle around so you can go the opposite way?

A Find a quiet side road to turn round in.

Make sure you carry out the manoeuvre without causing a hazard to other vehicles. Choose a place to turn which is safe and convenient for you and for other road users.

Related Information

Reversing a vehicle in a busy street or from a side road into the main road is an extremely dangerous maneuver. It requires skill, alertness and concentration to ensure that it can be done safely without any harm coming to other people or property. Therefore, it is important for drivers to take certain precautions when reversing their vehicles in order to avoid accidents and potential danger.

The first precaution that should be taken when reversing on the roads is not turning round in busy streets as this increases the risk of collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians due to limited visibility around corners, which may make them unaware of your presence until too late. Instead, one should look out for quiet side roads where they can reverse away from traffic more easily while still being aware of surrounding hazards such as cyclists or cars entering/exiting driveways nearby. Additionally, drivers must also choose places where they won’t obstruct entrances/exits so that others are able move freely without having their paths blocked.

Finally, it is always important for motorists who are about to carry out any kind of manoeuvring involving reversals on public highways like motorways, dual carriageways etc. to check their mirrors regularly before doing so; as well as keeping an eye out ahead at all times during these kinds maneuvers. This will help them spot possible dangers further down along route before making decisions regarding whether it would be safe enough to proceed with action planed. By following these simple steps every time you reverse your vehicle into another lane, you will reduce chances of getting involved in serious accident significantly.


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