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You are on a wet motorway with surface spray. You should use _________.

A Dipped headlights.

When surface spray reduces visibility switch on your dipped headlights. This will help other road users to see you.

Related Information

When travelling on a wet motorway with surface spray, it is important to use the right lights in order to ensure safety. The first light that should be used when driving in these conditions is low beam headlights, or dipped headlights. Low beams are designed for close-range visibility and provide enough illumination without blinding other drivers due to their focused angle of projection. It also helps reduce glare from rain or misty conditions which can make it difficult for drivers ahead to see clearly.

High beam headlights should not be used while driving on a wet motorway as they can cause more harm than good by blinding other motorists and increasing the risk of an accident occurring due to reduced visibility. Fog lights may also be beneficial if available, as they are designed specifically for poor weather conditions such as fog or heavy rain where regular headlight beams cannot penetrate far enough into the darkness ahead of you; however, caution must still be taken when using them so that other drivers aren’t blinded by your car’s bright light output at night time hours too much either way!

It is always best practice while driving during any kind of inclement weather condition like this one mentioned above, regardless if you have accessorized your vehicle with specialized lighting equipment like fog lamps - always remember: drive slowly and carefully! That being said though - having proper lighting setup will certainly help increase overall safety levels drastically compared against what would happen otherwise without them installed properly beforehand already!


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Used this app for maybe an hour, got 49/50 on the multiple choice in my test.

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