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You are on a road that is only wide enough for one vehicle. There is a car coming towards you. What should you do?

A Pull into a passing place on your left.

Pull into the nearest passing place on the left if you meet another vehicle in a narrow road. If the nearest passing place is on the right, wait opposite it.

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When travelling on a narrow road, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations that are in place. One such rule is to pull into the nearest passing place on the left if you meet another vehicle. This ensures that both vehicles can pass each other safely without having to reverse or drive dangerously close together. If however, there isn’t a passing place available on your side of the road then you should wait opposite it until it is safe for both parties involved to proceed forward again.

The purpose of this rule serves as an effective way for drivers travelling along narrow roads with limited space between them and other vehicles coming from either direction to reduce any potential risks or accidents occurring. It also allows drivers more time in order to plan their route ahead so they can manoeuvre around tight corners with ease instead of being forced into dangerous situations where reversing may become necessary, leading to potentially hazardous scenarios.

In conclusion, pulling into nearest passing places when meeting another vehicle while driving down a narrow roadway will help keep everyone safe by allowing enough space between each car while keeping traffic flowing smoothly as well. Taking these precautions will ultimately ensure all those involved remain protected against any unnecessary dangers that could arise.


Peco Jacobs

1 year ago

informative.comprehensive and.helpful

Saranya Shanmugam

1 year ago

Very very useful one..I have passed my theory test with 49/50 in multiple choice.

Terrie Redmond-Lee

1 year ago

Can not praise this app enough! It's incredible and helped me out so much with helping me pass! Thank you so much 😇

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