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You are on a road that has no traffic signs. There are street lights. What is the speed limit?

A 30 mph

If you aren’t sure of the speed limit a good indication is the presence of street lights. If there is street lighting the speed limit will be 30 mph unless otherwise indicated.

Related Information

The 30 mph speed limit is a common rule of the road in many areas, especially where there are street lights. This is because driving at high speeds increases the risk of accidents and can potentially cause serious injury or death to those involved. The 30 mph speed limit reduces this risk by encouraging drivers to drive slowly and carefully when passing through an area with street lights. However, it’s important for drivers to be aware that some areas may have different limits than what they’re used to seeing on their commute; this could be due either due to local laws or posted signs indicating a different maximum speed limit.

It’s essential for all motorists to pay attention when entering an unfamiliar area as well as obey any posted signs regarding the maximum allowable speed within that zone—even if it differs from what they would usually expect in other parts of town. Failing to adhere strictly to these rules could result in fines, points on one's license, or even more severe consequences depending on how far over the legal limit someone was traveling before being pulled over by law enforcement officers.

In conclusion, while most places abide by a standard 30 mph rule around streetlights unless otherwise stated via signage; it is important for everyone behind the wheel to keep an eye out for any changes which might affect their travel plans such as reduced speeds during certain times/areas--and always remember: safety first!


Shushanna Buachie

1 year ago

Great to use. It Allows you time to think about your answer and also help you look over the ones you got wrong

Paul Arthur

1 year ago

Nice app and free mode was enough to pass first time! Developing hazard test would be a plus

Ruslan Khasanbaev

1 year ago

Great app, just did 59/60 with first try on my theory exam. Exactly what you need to prepare! Would be great to have hazard perception training too.

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