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You are on a fast, open road in good conditions. For safety, the distance between you and the vehicle in front should be _________.

A A two-second time gap.

One useful method of checking that you’ve allowed enough room between you and the vehicle in front is the two-second rule. To check for a two-second time gap, choose a stationary object ahead, such as a bridge or road sign. When the car in front passes the object say 'Only a fool breaks the two-second rule'. If you reach the object before you finish saying it you're too close.

Related Information

The two-second rule is a way for gaining a safe following distance at any speed that is also simple for all drivers to understand and apply.

The rule is extremely straightforward and easy to comprehend. Maintaining a distance of at least 2 seconds from the vehicle in front will give a gap of one car length every 5 mph, regardless of speed. The two-second rule applies regardless of speed since the gap between your car and the one in front will increase as you move faster. Using the two-second rule helps to greatly decrease accidents and collision damage.

Using this guideline not only gives a safer manner of driving in general, but it may also assist to save fuel, brake wear, and paint damage caused by stone chips caused by driving too close to the car in front. For further details, see how to save fuel.

The learner driver should also follow the two-second rule, since the driving test examiner will almost surely fail your driving test if you drive too close to a car (tailgating) or stay too near to the vehicle for too long. Despite the fact that the two-second rule applies at any speed, it should only be employed on dry roads with optimal driving conditions.


You're travelling along a fairly straight road. Allow the automobile in front to pass a stationary object to estimate the shortest and safe following distance. This may be any clearly discernible object, such as a road marker or light post.

Count to 2 seconds until the back of the automobile in front nearly aligns with your chosen reference point. If your car passes the same reference marker before you reach 2 seconds, you must increase your following distance and try again.


Shushanna Buachie

1 year ago

Great to use. It Allows you time to think about your answer and also help you look over the ones you got wrong

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1 year ago

Nice app and free mode was enough to pass first time! Developing hazard test would be a plus

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1 year ago

Great app, just did 59/60 with first try on my theory exam. Exactly what you need to prepare! Would be great to have hazard perception training too.

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