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You are on a country road. What should you expect to see coming towards you on your side of the road?

A Pedestrians.

On a quiet country road always be aware that there may be a hazard just around the next bend, such as a slow-moving vehicle or pedestrians. Pedestrians are advised to walk on the right-hand side of the road if there is no pavement, so they may be walking towards you on your side of the road.

Related Information

Country roads may be daunting to new drivers. They can be narrow, winding, and gloomy in comparison to urban roads. As a result, rural roads have considerably more deadly crashes than urban routes. If you've recently passed your test and want to take on country roads safely, we've provided some ideas and guidance on how to do so.

Speed limits
On a single carriageway, the national speed limit is 60 mph. This may be far speedier than you're used to driving outside of a freeway, but keep in mind that this is not a target nor a minimum speed. Always drive at a comfortable and confident speed. Road maintenance, weather, and other road users are all elements that influence how fast you can drive safely.

Bends, overtaking and the nature of the road

Driving on country roads frequently involves small lanes, abrupt turns, and corners. As a result, you must always be on the watch for what is ahead.

Right of way when passing spaces

Country roads can be difficult to navigate since they are sometimes too small for both your car and oncoming vehicles. You should always prepare ahead and keep an eye out for any available spaces. Other drivers might be unexpected, but you can do your best to foresee what they'll do next. If a car is coming quickly, it is probable that they want you to wait in a space for them. If a car is slowing down and heading to the left, it is likely that they want you to drive through. If you don't have any spaces on your side but they do, stop opposite the space and wait for them to pull into it.

Pedestrians, cyclists, tractors

When travelling in the country, you may encounter a tractor, an animal, or a big vehicle, as well as walkers and cyclists. The countryside attracts heavier vehicles to its roads since it has more green space. People use caravans for vacations, and you may see horseboxes or other large vehicles on the roads; just give them plenty of room. Tractors move slowly, however you shouldn't be stranded behind one for too long. Tractors frequently travel only a short distance on main roads before turning off onto a farm track. There aren't many pavements on country roads, so keep an eye out for pedestrians, who frequently walk alongside cars. For visibility, most people walk on the opposite side of the road (towards oncoming traffic). In the country, many people have dogs, so having a lead in your hand might help you spot someone.


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