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You are in a tunnel and you see this sign. What does it mean?

A Direction to emergency pedestrian exit.

If you have to leave your vehicle in a tunnel and leave by an emergency exit, do so as quickly as you can. Follow the signs directing you to the nearest exit point. If there are several people using the exit, don’t panic but try to leave in a calm and orderly manner.

Related Information

Leaving your vehicle in a tunnel can be a frightening experience. Fortunately, most tunnels are equipped with emergency exits that allow you to safely exit the tunnel and leave your car behind. If you ever find yourself in this situation, it is important to act quickly and follow the signs directing you to the nearest exit point.

Once at the exit point, do not panic but try to remain calm and orderly when leaving with other people who may also be using that same route of escape. This will help ensure everyone's safety as they evacuate from an otherwise potentially dangerous situation. It is also important for all passengers inside of any vehicles left behind during evacuation procedures not only turn off their engines but make sure all windows are rolled up tightly before exiting through an emergency door or window if necessary - this will reduce potential hazards caused by exhaust fumes or flying debris within enclosed spaces such as tunnels should there be any explosions nearby.

It is always best practice when traveling through long stretches of underground passageways like tunnels for drivers (and passengers) alike to familiarize themselves beforehand on where exactly these designated safe zones lie along their routes so they can react swiftly should anything unexpected occur - doing so could save precious seconds which might mean life-saving difference between getting out unscathed versus being trapped inside without access points available due to rescue personnel arriving too late!


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