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You are driving through a tunnel. Your vehicle catches fire. What should you do?

A Continue through the tunnel if you can

The main dangers in a tunnel fire are suffocation and smoke. If you can do so safely it’s better to drive a burning vehicle out of a tunnel. If you can’t do this, pull over, switch off the engine, use hazard warning lights and phone immediately for help. It may be possible to put out a small fire but if it seems large do NOT tackle it!

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If your own car is on fire while you are driving through a tunnel, you should:

- Make use of the hazard lights.

- If you can, drive out of the tunnel. Do not reverse or make a U-turn.

- Drive to a lay-by, an emergency lane, or pull over as far to the nearside as you can if you are unable to drive out of the tunnel.

- Turn off your engine but leave the key in.

- Call for help via an emergency phone.

- Avoid opening the bonnet since it can be hot and might spread the fire.

- Unless the fire has just begun, don't attempt to extinguish it yourself.

- If you are unable to put out the fire, quickly leave through the emergency exits.

- Don't waste time collecting personal items.

- Assist injured people in getting to safety.


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