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You are driving on the motorway in windy conditions. When passing high-sided vehicles you should

A be wary of a sudden gust

The draught caused by other vehicles could be strong enough to push you out of your lane. Keep both hands on the steering wheel to maintain full control.

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Suggestions to Drive Safely in High Winds

When driving a truck, SUV, RV, van, or bus; towing or hauling; or going on a multilane road with many heavy vehicles, be cautious during high or blowing wind. The more surface area for wind to push against, the higher and larger the vehicle. A strong wind might force a vehicle or trailer into another lane or cause an accident. Also, if you have fresh tyres or tyres with tall tread patterns, such as MTs, be mindful that side-to-side movement caused by strong crosswinds may seem exaggerated.

To drive safely in high winds:

- Make sure your tires are properly inflated for best traction.

- Leave more time and slow down.

- If blowing dust or driving rain are factors, turn on your headlights to improve visibility.

- Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel.

- Compensate by steering slightly against a consistent side wind.

- Don’t overcorrect if you get blown off course by a short gust.

- Make steering corrections when driving from areas protected from wind to open areas. Be extra vigilant on bridges, overpasses and open straightaways where wind can spike.

- Be prepared for unpredictable gusts when driving through underpasses, road cuts between hills and tunnels.

- Watch for debris in the road.

- Give other high-profile vehicles, like semis, a lot of room.

- Pull over someplace safe if conditions become dangerous.

- Once you’re at your destination, park away from trees and power lines.


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