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You are driving in a built-up area then approaching a speed hump. You should

A slow your vehicle right down

Many towns have speed humps to slow down traffic. Slow down when driving over them. If you go too fast they may affect your steering and suspension, causing you to lose control or even damaging it. Be aware of pedestrians in these areas.

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When driving in a built-up area, it is important to be aware of the speed limit and any potential hazards that may be present. One such hazard is a speed hump. Speed humps are raised sections of road designed to reduce the speed at which vehicles travel through an area, usually for safety purposes. When approaching a speed hump, there are several things drivers should do in order to stay safe and remain within legal limits:

The first thing one should do when approaching a speed bump is slow down significantly before reaching it. It’s important not only for safety reasons but also because speeding over them can cause damage to your vehicle or those around you if they have not been slowed down properly beforehand. In some cases, local authorities will post signs indicating the recommended maximum speeds when crossing these bumps; however even then caution must still be taken as excessive speeds could result in loss of control or other dangerous outcomes due to sudden jarring movement caused by hitting them too quickly .

Secondly, drivers need take extra care while navigating over these bumps - this includes avoiding sudden braking or acceleration on top of them as this can cause unnecessary strain on their car’s suspension system and lead to further problems with its performance later on down the line . Additionally , being mindful about where other cars are located around you at all times will help ensure that no collisions occur during transit across these obstacles ; making sure that enough space has been left between yourself and any nearby vehicles prior entering into one allows for more time needed if unexpected circumstances arise suddenly requiring quick action from either party involved .

Finally, after successfully traversing across each bump , motorists need remember always check their mirrors carefully afterwards so they can confirm whether anyone else had followed suit behind themselves safely - failing which could leave both parties open potential danger due unexpected changes occurring unexpectedly ahead without warning (such as another vehicle stopping abruptly ). This last step helps prevent potentially hazardous situations from arising whilst out driving – something everyone should strive towards whenever possible!

Overall then, following correct procedure when dealing with traffic calming measures like humps is essential ensuring compliance with laws governing road usage plus maintaining general levels public safety all round!


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