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You are driving at 60 mph. As you approach this hazard you should _________.

A Reduce your speed.

There could be stationary traffic ahead, waiting to turn right. Other traffic could be emerging and it may take time for them to gather speed.

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As you drive along the highway, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to potential hazards. One such hazard that must be taken seriously is when you are driving at 60 mph and approaching a stationary traffic ahead waiting to turn right. In this situation, it is essential for drivers to reduce their speed in order for them not only to stay safe but also allow other vehicles emerging from side roads or intersections enough time and space to gather speed before merging onto the main road.

When approaching any type of hazard while driving at high speeds, slowing down should always be your first priority as sudden braking can cause accidents due to skidding or loss of control over the vehicle. Moreover, reducing speed will give you more reaction time if something unexpected occurs on the road like an animal crossing suddenly into your path or another car swerving out of its lane unexpectedly; giving yourself more reaction time could potentially save lives!

It’s easy for drivers these days get distracted by their phones while behind the wheel but staying alert and paying close attention can help avoid serious injury or worse - death - caused by reckless speeding near hazards like stationary traffic turning right ahead. So next time when travelling on a highway, remember: safety comes first – slow down!


Darren bradbury

2 years ago

Great app would recommend

Ashish Mudaliar

2 years ago

Excellent questionnaire and detailed explanation

Solomon Indrias

2 years ago

Simple to study and it helps me alot to pass my theory test.

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