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You are driving a slow-moving vehicle on a narrow winding road. You should _________.

A Pull in safely when you can, to let following vehicles overtake.

Try not to hold up a queue of traffic. Other road users may become impatient and this could lead to reckless actions. If you’re driving a slow-moving vehicle and the road is narrow, look for a safe place to pull in. DON’T wave other traffic past since this could be dangerous if you or they haven’t seen an oncoming vehicle.

Related Information

A slow-moving vehicle like a tractor or other large piece of farm machinery cannot travel at highway speeds. An orange and red triangular sign mounted on the vehicle's rear serves as its identification. A slow-moving vehicle can cause traffic delays.

If you are driving a slow-moving vehicle on the highway, you should:

- Move to the right lane when it is safe.

- Drive as close to the right curb or edge of the roadway as you can.

- If the road and shoulder conditions are safe, pull over so that traffic can pass.

- Don't pass or overtake other vehicles.

- When making a left turn at an intersection or into a driveway, exercise caution.

- Drive only in the lane that is designated for slow moving vehicles.


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2 years ago


Asif khan khosti

2 years ago

the ever great app

Hubert Cumberdale

2 years ago

Brilliant for the multiple choice bit of the theory. Never looked at the highway code, just went through all of the practice questions in this (free version) over a few hours and passed my test 48/50.

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