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You are carrying a child using a rear-facing baby seat. You want to put it on the front passenger seat. What MUST you do before setting off?

A Make sure any front passenger airbag is deactivated

You MUST deactivate any frontal passenger airbag when using a rear-facing baby seat in a front passenger seat. It is ILLEGAL if you don’t. If activated in a crash it could cause serious injury or death. Ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions. In some cars this is now done automatically.

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Positioning Child Car Seats in Cars

Carseat positions

Consider where you want your child to sit in the car when selecting a child car seat, and ensure that the child seat can be correctly placed in that position.

Position 1: Front Passenger Seat

Your kids are safer in the back seats than in the front. Some parents like to keep an eye on their infant or toddler and hence place them at the front. However, kids are safer in the back, and remember that if you are driving and caring for a child at the same time, you will be distracted and more likely to crash.

If a newborn or kid has to be monitored for health reasons, for example, have another adult ride in the back seat with them.

If there is an active passenger airbag, NEVER place a rearward-facing infant seat in the front. It is both illegal and unsafe to do so because if the airbag deploys, it will collide with the infant seat and propel it forward with massive force.

If the automobile does not have front airbags, or if they can be deactivated, or if the car has sensors that turn the airbag off automatically when a child seat is installed, you can legally transport a rearward facing infant seat in the front. However, it is still preferable to place it at the back.

If you must install a forward-facing seat in the front, place it as far back as it will go so your child is as far away from the dashboard as feasible. Check that the seat belt is firmly holding the child seat and that your child is securely fastened by the child seat's integral harness or the car seat belt (depending on the type of child car seat).

Position 2: Rear Seat Behind the Driver

Use one of the other rear seats if feasible. If you use this seat, you may have to get the child in and out of the vehicle on the road side. However, if you regularly park with the driver's side facing the road, this seat would be preferable to the other side. If you use this seat, ensure sure the kid seat can be properly installed in this position.

Position 3: Middle Rear Seat

Because it is the furthest away from the sides of the car and has a three-point (lap and diagonal) seat belt, the middle rear seat is the safest position to put a child restraint (unless the manufacturer's instructions state one of the other seats is preferable).

Check the child restraint instructions to determine if the middle rear seat may be fitted with a lap-only belt if it has one. A three-point seat belt is required for most child car seats. If this is the case, place the seat in a back seat with a lap and diagonal seat belt.

If you are using an Isofix or i-size child seat you can only use the middle rear seat if it has Isofix points.

Position 4: Rear Seat Behind the Front Passenger

This seat is preferable to the one behind the driver since it allows you to get the child in and out of the car on the pavement side. Ascertain that the kid seat can be properly installed in this position.


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