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You are behind this cyclist. When the traffic lights change, what should you do?

A Allow the cyclist time and room.

Hold back and allow the cyclist to move off. In some towns, junctions have special areas marked across the front of the traffic lane. These allow cyclists to wait for the lights to change and move off ahead of other traffic.

Related Information

When driving behind a cyclist, it is important to remember that cyclists are vulnerable road users and must be given extra space on the roads. As such, when the traffic lights change from green to red or amber, motorists should take extra care when approaching a cyclist in front of them.

First and foremost, drivers should make sure they maintain an appropriate distance between their vehicle and the bicycle ahead of them. This will give cyclists enough time to stop safely at any intersection without feeling rushed or threatened by nearby cars. It is also important for drivers not to suddenly accelerate once the traffic light changes; sudden acceleration can startle cyclists if they’re already slowing down before coming up against a red light. Drivers should instead gently reduce their speed as they approach an intersection with a cyclist in front of them so that both parties have ample time to come safely through it together without any issues arising due to haste or recklessness on either side.

Finally, even though many people may think otherwise – especially during rush hour – honking your horn at someone riding ahead of you isn’t necessary nor helpful for anyone involved! Honking could potentially cause panic amongst inexperienced riders who are still learning how to best navigate intersections with vehicles around them; this could lead into dangerous situations where both parties end up being put into harm's way unnecessarily because one was trying too hard (or too loudly) to get through faster than usual! Therefore, it is best practice to just remain patient while waiting behind another rider until everyone has had sufficient opportunity to pass through safely before continuing onwards towards our respective destinations afterwards!


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