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You are about to reverse into a side road. A pedestrian wishes to cross behind you. You should

A give way to the pedestrian

If you need to reverse into a side road try to find a place that’s free from traffic and pedestrians. Look all around before and during the manoeuvre. Stop and give way to any pedestrians who want to cross behind you. Avoid waving them across, sounding the horn, flashing your lights or giving any misleading signals that could lead them into a dangerous situation.

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Choose an appropriate place to manoeuvre. If you need to turn your vehicle around, wait until you find a safe place. Try not to reverse or turn round in a busy road; find a quiet side road or drive round a block of side streets.


Do not reverse from a side road into a main road. When using a driveway, reverse in and drive out if you can.


Look carefully before you start reversing. You should

- use all your mirrors

- check the ‘blind spot’ behind you (the part of the road you cannot see easily in the mirrors)

- check there are no pedestrians (particularly children), cyclists, other road users or obstructions in the road behind you.

Reverse slowly while

- checking all around

- looking mainly through the rear window

- being aware that the front of your vehicle will swing out as you turn.

Get someone to guide you if you cannot see clearly.


You MUST NOT reverse your vehicle further than necessary.

Law CUR reg 106

[The Highway Code]



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