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Why should you be cautious when going past this stationary bus?

A People may cross the road in front of it.

A stationary bus at a bus stop can hide pedestrians who might try to cross the road just in front of it. Drive at a speed that will enable you to respond safely if you have to.

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When driving past a stationary bus, it is important to be extra cautious. This is because people may suddenly cross the road in front of it. It can be difficult to judge how far away someone might be when they are on the other side of a large vehicle like a bus, and if you’re not careful, you could end up causing an accident or putting pedestrians in danger.

In addition to being aware of potential pedestrians crossing the road near buses, drivers should also watch out for any children who may suddenly dart out from behind them while playing or running around nearby. Children often don’t understand traffic laws and can run into harm's way without realizing what they're doing; so drivers need to remain alert at all times when passing by buses just in case something unexpected happens.

It's also important that drivers maintain their speed limit when going past stationary buses as this will give them enough time and space to react if needed - especially during peak hours where there are more likely people waiting for their ride home at stops along your route. Furthermore, always make sure that your headlights are turned on even during daylight hours so that everyone has better visibility while walking near moving vehicles such as yours!

Finally, never assume that everyone knows about traffic laws - some individuals may not realize how dangerous it can be for them (and others) if they decide to cross roads carelessly without looking both ways first! Always keep these tips in mind whenever you find yourself driving close by any type of public transportation vehicle – whether its parked or still actively moving – so we all stay safe on our journeys together!


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