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Why is it more difficult to overtake a large vehicle than a car?

A It takes longer to pass one.

Depending on relevant speed, it will usually take you longer to pass a lorry than other vehicles. Some hazards to watch for include oncoming traffic, junctions ahead, bends or dips which could restrict your view, and signs or road markings that prohibit overtaking. Make sure you can see that it’s safe to complete the manoeuvre before you start to overtake.

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Depending on relevant speed, it will usually take you longer to pass a lorry than other vehicles. This is because the size of lorries means that they need more time and space to complete manoeuvres safely. When overtaking a lorry, there are several hazards which must be taken into consideration in order for the manoeuvre to be completed safely.

The first hazard when passing a lorry is oncoming traffic; this can cause serious danger if not accounted for correctly as it could lead to head-on collisions or other accidents due to lack of visibility or reaction time from either vehicle involved. It’s important therefore that before attempting an overtake, you check your mirrors and blind spots thoroughly so that any potential obstacles can be spotted easily in advance and avoided accordingly.

Another hazard associated with overtaking large vehicles such as lorries are junctions ahead; these should always been checked carefully before beginning an overtake as they may restrict your view due to road layout or obstructions such as trees/buildings etc., thus making it difficult or even impossible for you to see what lies ahead until after completing the manoeuvre itself - meaning by then it may already be too late! Additionally, signs/road markings prohibiting overtaking should also always observed closely during this process - failure to do so could result in fines being issued by law enforcement officers.

In conclusion, although passing lorries does require extra care & attention compared to smaller cars & motorcycles etc., doing so shouldn't pose any major issues provided all necessary safety precautions have been taken beforehand (i.e checking mirrors/blind spots thoroughly + observing all relevant junction signs).


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