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Why is it bad technique to coast when driving downhill?

A The vehicle will gain speed

Coasting is when you allow the vehicle to freewheel in neutral or with the clutch pedal depressed. Speed will increase as you lose the benefits of engine braking and have less control. You shouldn't coast when approaching hazards such as junctions or bends and when travelling downhill.

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What is coasting driving?

Coasting is the process of driving an automobile downhill when either the clutch is depressed or the gear shift is in neutral - or both. Sometimes, coasting is also known as freewheeling.

What happens when coasting driving?

When you coast while driving, your wheels are disengaged from the engine, making engine braking (slowing down with gears) impossible. When a car coasts, gravity and the vehicle's momentum propel it down a hill.

Why is coasting a bad idea?

There are several reasons why coasting is harmful, whether it is coasting downhill, coasting to stop, or coasting in any other situation:

- You accelerate faster and travel faster than you normally would.

- You have less control since engine brakes cannot be used to reduce speed because the engine is not connected to the wheels.

- Taking a safe, steady line around a corner becomes more difficult, giving you less control if you cross the path of another road user or other hazard.

- If you have to re-engage the gears to react to a hazard, you'll have less time than if you weren't coasting.

Is coasting bad for your car?

Coasting can cause your automobile to wear out quicker; when you move faster, you have to utilise your mechanical brakes more harshly, which can cause brakes to wear out faster.

Is coasting against the law?

While coasting downhill is not prohibited, if you get into an accident and are found to be not entirely in control of your car, you will have committed an offence.



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