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Why are vehicles fitted with rear fog lights?

A To make them more visible in thick fog.

Rear fog lights make it easier to spot a vehicle ahead in foggy conditions. Avoid the temptation to use other vehicles’ lights as a guide, as they may give you a false sense of security.

Related Information

In Europe, rear fog lights are compulsory. The rear fog light is often a bright red light that is the same brightness as your brake lights. The rear fog lamp's purpose is to indicate your vehicle's location when driving in fog, snow, or other low-visibility circumstances. Because standard taillights are rather dim, they are less likely to be noticed in foggy conditions. Rear fog lights are frequently mounted on the vehicle's left side. This informs other drivers about the approximate location of the vehicle in a travel lane. However, some recent models include rear fog lights on both sides to increase visibility.

Front fog lights make you more visible to incoming traffic, while rear fog lights make you more visible to persons behind you. There are several kinds of rear fog lights. Some use xenon or halogen headlight bulbs, but other rear fog lamps use LED lights. LED lights are strong, long-lasting, and more popular on modern automobiles with rear lamps.



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