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Why are these yellow lines painted across the road?

A To make you aware of your speed.

These lines are often found on the approach to a roundabout or a dangerous junction. They give you extra warning to adjust your speed. Look well ahead and do this in good time.

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Rumble devices, like rumble strips, produce an audible, vibratory, and visual effect that warns drivers and riders of impending dangers and makes them aware of their speed.

When you encounter a rumble device, what should you do?

When you see a rumble device, your first thought should be that you need to safely slow down. There is no evidence to suggest that rumble devices can actually slow you down. You shouldn't rely on them to change your speed for you as a result. Make sure that you are holding the steering wheel properly and check your mirrors. As you approach the hazard and begin to slow down (as indicated by the rumble strips), do this.

Rumble strips are intended to be seen, heard, and felt to alert drivers of an approaching hazard. They are typically utilized in rural areas to alert drivers to hazards including sharp bends and/or intersections. The line separating the hard shoulder from the left-hand lane on the motorway is where you can also find them. They may serve as the start of a series of traffic calming measures when utilized with gateways. Typically, rumble strips are utilized in groups. Each group consists of two to five rumble strips, but the distance between groups will change depending on the road and hazard. They are occasionally referred to as jiggle bars and rumble areas.



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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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