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Why are place names painted on the road surface?

A To enable you to change lanes early

The names of towns and cities may be painted on the road at busy junctions and complex road systems. Their purpose is to let you move into the correct lane in good time, allowing traffic to flow more freely.

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What is a road marking?

Road marking, which is used to direct and control vehicles on highways as well as to properly guide pedestrians, can be characterized as lines, patterns, or words that are marked on the pavement or the road. Typically, a white line in a variety of patterns can be seen on the pavement. The road is marked with a number of different road marking patterns, each of which serves a specific purpose.

Why Is Road Marking Necessary?

- Roads without markings could result in total vehicular confusion.

- Road marking aids in ensuring the smooth traffic flow and boosting road safety.

- Different patterns and colors are used in road markings to designate specific functions.

- They are also used for supplementing messages on road signs & other devices.

Types Of Road Marking

Road markings are categorized into seven main categories depending on the movement of vehicles as well as the purpose of each pattern. They are:

- Longitudinal markings

- Transverse markings

- Arrow markings

- Hazard markings

- Block markings

- Directional markings or Word Messages

- Facility markings or Parking


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