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Why are mirrors often slightly curved (convex)?

A They give a wider field of vision.

Although a convex mirror gives a wide view of the scene behind, you should be aware that it will not show you everything behind or to the side of the vehicle. Before you move off you will need to check over your shoulder to look for anything not visible in the mirrors.

Related Information

Curved mirrors (or convex mirrors) have a reflective surface that protrudes outward in the direction of the light source. A mirror with such a shape can greatly decrease the objects in it. Convex mirrors are utilized in cars to offer a significantly wider field of vision. Drivers are more informed about their surroundings as a result of this feature. Of course, slightly curved mirrors have their own drawbacks. They can cause objects to appear farther away than they actually are and distort their shape. To utilize the mirror properly and drive safely, it is crucial for a driver to be aware of these peculiarities.


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