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Who can use a toucan crossing?

A Cyclists.

Toucan crossings are similar to pelican crossings but there's no flashing amber phase. Cyclists share the crossing with pedestrians and are allowed to cycle across when the green cycle symbol is shown.

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What is a toucan crossing?

Cycle routes include toucan crossings. They do not require cyclists to dismount, as they would at other crossings. They are controlled by Pelican- or Puffin-type signals, and drivers should proceed with caution when approaching them. Many signal-controlled road junctions, typically crossroads, also feature toucan crossings. Prior to the main green light, a green cycle signal appears, providing cyclists some time to get ahead of any vehicles. This lessens the possibility of cyclists colliding with vehicles. This type of crossing, which is a relatively recent development, is growing more common and is set to become a typical element of all major road junctions.

Rules for drivers:

Toucan crossings are controlled by traffic lights, so a red light indicates that you must stop and a flashing amber light indicates that you must yield to pedestrians.

Rules for pedestrians:

At a Toucan crossing, you press the button and wait for the green person and bike to light up before proceeding. If you’re on a bike, be cautious when cycling close to people because the highway code requires that you do your best to look out for pedestrians.



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