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While driving, you see this sign ahead. You should _____.

A slow, but continue around the bend

Drive around the bend at a steady speed in the correct gear. Be aware that you might have to stop for approaching trains.

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Driving around a bend at a steady speed in the correct gear is an important skill for any driver. It requires you to be aware of your speed and adjust it accordingly, as well as being mindful of the road conditions and other vehicles. However, when driving around a bend, you must also take into consideration that there may be approaching trains on certain sections of track which could cause delays or even accidents if not taken into account.

When approaching bends with tracks running alongside them, make sure to slow down your vehicle before entering the curve so that you can maintain control over your car while navigating it safely through the turn. Additionally, watch out for signals such as flashing lights or bells indicating an upcoming train; these are typically located near crossings but they can appear anywhere along stretches of track, so always keep an eye out! Finally, ensure that you have plenty of space between yourself and any oncoming trains - never try to race one!

By following these simple tips when driving around bends with railway lines nearby, drivers will significantly reduce their chances of getting into dangerous situations due to unexpected train arrivals or unsafe speeds during turns. Additionally, slowing down ahead of time allows drivers more time to react should something occur unexpectedly such as another vehicle suddenly appearing from behind them whilst taking their turn too quickly – remember safety first!


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1 year ago

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1 year ago

Very very useful one..I have passed my theory test with 49/50 in multiple choice.

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1 year ago

Can not praise this app enough! It's incredible and helped me out so much with helping me pass! Thank you so much 😇

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