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While driving, you intend to turn left into a minor road. On the approach you should

A keep well to the left of the road

Don’t swing out into the centre of the road in order to make the turn. This could endanger oncoming traffic and may cause other road users to misunderstand your intentions.

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It is best practice for motorists approaching a minor side street or driveway from either direction not only to keep close to their own side of the roadway but also to reduce speed in order for them to have time and space necessary in order make an appropriate turn without endangering any other vehicles on or near by roads. If there are no cars behind you then it’s likely safe enough that you don’t need slow down as much; however, if there are cars behind you then it's best practice to slow down significantly so they can understand what your intentions are while giving yourself plenty of room to maneuver safely onto another road without causing disruption or danger anyone else around you.

Additionally, always remember to check both sides carefully before attempting to make your move, especially at night where visibility may be limited due to poor lighting conditions which could potentially lead to disastrous consequences such as collision with another vehicle head-on. Therefore, caution must be taken seriously whenever attempting to execute such maneuvers.

In conclusion, taking proper care when turning left onto a minor road is extremely important in maintaining safety for all.


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