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While driving, a warning light on your vehicle’s instrument panel comes on. You should _________.

A Check out the problem quickly and safely.

Make sure you know what the different warning lights mean. An illuminated warning light could mean that your car is unsafe to drive. Don’t take risks. If you aren’t sure about the problem get a qualified mechanic to check it.

Related Information

The warning lights on your dashboard operate according to a traffic light system that uses a red, amber, or green symbol to reflect the severity of the problem.

- Red: You need to stop right away and get help from your local SEAT retailer.

- Amber - While immediate attention is not necessary, you must follow up on the problem as soon as possible with a SEAT Retailer.

- Green - The symbols that are displayed in green are simply for your information and do not require any action.

What to do if your car's warning light comes on?

- Pull over at a safe place

- Check for the cause of the light and the seriousness of this problem

- Decide what to do next: either call for assistance, drive to a garage, or carry on with your journey.

- Fix the problem.


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