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Which type of vehicle does this sign apply to?

A High vehicles

The triangular shapes above and below the dimensions indicate a height restriction that applies to the road ahead.

Related Information

As drivers, we are all familiar with the signs that alert us to upcoming road conditions and restrictions. One of these warning signs is a triangular shape placed above or below certain dimensions on a signpost. This symbol indicates that there is an upcoming height restriction on the road ahead, meaning any vehicles higher than the indicated dimension may not be able to safely pass through this area.

Height restrictions can occur for many reasons including low bridges or tunnels along your route as well as power lines and other obstacles which could cause damage if hit by higher vehicles. It’s important for drivers to pay attention when they see these symbols so they can adjust their plans accordingly in order to avoid getting stuck in an awkward situation due to unexpected height limitations!

It’s also worth noting that some roads have a maximum weight limit instead of just height limits; this will usually be indicated by two arrows pointing at each other rather than triangles beneath dimensions like you would find with height restrictions. If you ever come across one of these symbols, it means you should check your vehicle's total weight before proceeding down the path ahead!

Overall, understanding what those triangular shapes mean can help keep us safe while driving and ensure our routes are free from any potential hazards caused by exceeding size/weight limits - so take notice next time you see them!


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