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Which sign means you have priority over oncoming vehicles?

A 1212

Even though you have priority, be prepared to give way if other drivers don’t. This will help to avoid congestion, confrontation or even a collision.

Related Information

Priority signs are an essential part of road safety, as they help to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely. They are normally shown where the road is narrow and there isn’t enough room for two vehicles to pass. These can be at narrow bridges, road works or anywhere with a width restriction. It is important that drivers know who has priority when approaching these types of areas so they do not force their way through and cause accidents or delays on the roads.

When driving in areas with priority signs, it is important to show courtesy and consideration towards other drivers by following the rules set out by these signs carefully. This means giving way if you have been indicated as having no right of way, even if another driver does not appear to be doing so themselves – this could prevent costly collisions from occurring due to miscommunication between drivers about who should take precedence in a given situation. Additionally, being courteous also helps reduce stress levels for all involved, which can make driving more pleasant overall!

In conclusion, priority signs play an important role in keeping roads safe by regulating traffic flow when space becomes limited. Drivers must remember their responsibility here which includes showing courtesy towards others on the roads at all times - regardless whether one has right of way over another - as well understanding how to best navigate any potential hazardous situations caused by lack of space accordingly!


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