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Which sign means ‘no stopping’?

A 1212

Stopping where this clearway restriction applies is likely to cause congestion. Allow the traffic to flow by obeying the signs.

Related Information

No stopping signs are an important part of traffic safety, as they ensure a clear route for vehicles to travel. They help to prevent potential accidents by ensuring that drivers do not stop in places where it is unsafe or illegal, such as intersections and other areas where visibility may be limited. Without these signs in place, there would be no way for drivers to know when it is safe and legal to stop their vehicle. This could lead to confusion and potentially dangerous situations on the roadways.

In addition, no stopping signs also serve an educational purpose by reminding drivers of the rules of the road regarding when they should pull over or park their car safely out of harm’s way. It can help reduce instances of reckless driving behavior since motorists will know that if they violate this rule, there will likely be consequences from law enforcement officers. By having these types restrictions set up ahead of time with clearly visible signage, everyone can feel safer while traveling on public streets.

Finally, no stopping signs provide peace-of-mind knowing that emergency services have a clear path through congested areas without worrying about getting stuck behind illegally parked cars blocking their route. In cases like fire trucks needing access quickly during an emergency situation, having designated spaces free from obstruction helps them get through more efficiently, so people lives can potentially be saved sooner. Allowing police officers quicker access to crime scenes provides another layer of security within communities, keeping citizens feeling secure even after dark hours when most criminal activity tends to occur.



3 years ago

I love its graphics


3 years ago

This app helps me learn whilst being free. I can learn my weaknesses and aim to pass at higher score


3 years ago

Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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