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Which of these, if allowed to get low, could cause you to crash?

A Brake fluid level.

You should carry out frequent checks on all fluid levels but particularly brake fluid. As the brake pads or shoes wear down the brake fluid level will drop. If it drops below the minimum mark on the fluid reservoir, air could enter the hydraulic system and lead to a loss of braking efficiency or complete brake failure.

Related Information

Any part of a vehicle, including the brakes, can fail. One major source of braking issues is brake fluid seeping from its container. As the fluid leaks out, the brakes get spongier. They will stop responding to any pressure if no one intervenes.

A driver who is driving while his or her brakes fail may be involved in an automobile accident. It is vital for all automobile owners to understand how to avoid this problem.

The Early Warning Signs of Brake Failure:

- Although brakes can fail unexpectedly, most braking systems indicate symptoms of a problem before total failure. This is especially true if the braking problems are caused by leaking brake fluid.

- When the brake pedal is depressed, brake fluid produces the hydraulic pressure required to bring the vehicle to a stop. The pressure transmitted to the brakes diminishes as the amount of brake fluid decreases. A driver who feels that their brakes require more force to use should consult a mechanic.

- Puddles of liquid under the engine or next to the wheels are another sign of a brake fluid leak. Although the fluid leak might be caused by something else, automobile owners should take any leaks carefully. The brakes will not function properly if there is insufficient brake fluid.


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