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Which of the following should NOT be kept in your vehicle?

A The vehicle documents.

Never leave the vehicle’s documents inside it. They would help a thief dispose of the vehicle more easily.

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Vehicle documents should not be kept in your vehicle for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is important to keep all of your personal documents safe and secure at home or in a locked filing cabinet. Keeping them inside the car leaves them vulnerable to theft, as anyone can break into the car and take whatever they find inside. Additionally, if you are ever pulled over by police officers they may ask for proof of insurance or registration papers; if these are not readily available then you could face fines or even more serious consequences such as having your license suspended.

Furthermore, keeping important documents on hand also increases the risk that an accident might occur due to distracted driving while searching through paperwork looking for what’s needed when required by law enforcement officials during traffic stops . This puts both yourself and other drivers around you at risk from potential harm caused by this distraction which could have been avoided had those same essential items been left safely stored away from view within one’s residence instead .

In conclusion , there are many good reasons why vehicle documents should never be kept inside one's automobile . Not only does this leave them open to possible theft but it also poses risks related to distracted driving when trying locate necessary paperwork during traffic stops with law enforcement personnel present . For these reasons , it is always best practice that any essential documentation remain securely stored away outside of one's motorized conveyance whenever possible


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