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Where would you see this sign?

A On a school bus

Watch out for children crossing the road from the other side of the bus.

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Road users requiring extra care (204 to 225

2. Pedestrians (205 to 210)



Near schools. Drive slowly and be particularly aware of young cyclists and pedestrians. In some places, there may be a flashing amber signal below the ‘School’ warning sign which tells you that there may be children crossing the road ahead. Drive very slowly until you are clear of the area.


Drive carefully and slowly when passing a stationary bus showing a ‘School Bus’ sign as children may be getting on or off.


You MUST stop when a school crossing patrol shows a ‘Stop for children’ sign.

[The Highway Theory]


Hadeeza Femi-Yusuff

1 year ago


Lucy fkn Rowe

1 year ago

Used this app for maybe an hour, got 49/50 on the multiple choice in my test.

Natalia Joanna Witczak

1 year ago

Very good programme to use

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