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Where would you see this road marking?

A On road humps.

Due to the dark colour of the road, changes in level aren’t easily seen. White triangles painted on the road surface give you an indication of where there are road humps.

Related Information

Triangles painted on the road surface are a great way to indicate where there are road humps. These triangles, also known as speed bumps, can be seen in many places and serve an important purpose. They help drivers slow down when approaching areas with sharp turns or other hazards that require extra caution.

The triangle shape is used because it helps grab attention from drivers at a distance and serves as an effective warning sign for them to reduce their speed before they reach the area with potential danger ahead of them. The bright colors used for these triangles also make it easier for motorists to spot them from far away so that they have time to adjust their driving accordingly.

In addition, having these shapes painted on roads surfaces around curves or hills can actually improve safety by making sure drivers know what kind of terrain lies ahead of them before they get too close and risk losing control due to excessive speeds or lack of knowledge about upcoming obstacles. This is why you will often see this type of marking on road humps, near schools zones, construction sites and even residential neighborhoods where children may be playing outside near busy streets - all areas which require extra vigilance while driving through!

Overall, having triangular shaped markings along roadsides should not only alert people about possible dangers but also remind us all how important safe driving practices truly are!


Shushanna Buachie

1 year ago

Great to use. It Allows you time to think about your answer and also help you look over the ones you got wrong

Paul Arthur

1 year ago

Nice app and free mode was enough to pass first time! Developing hazard test would be a plus

Ruslan Khasanbaev

1 year ago

Great app, just did 59/60 with first try on my theory exam. Exactly what you need to prepare! Would be great to have hazard perception training too.

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