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Where would parking cause an obstruction to others?

A Near the brow of a hill

Think about the effect your parking will have on other road users. Don’t forget that not all vehicles are the size of a car. Large vehicles will need more room to pass and might need more time too. Parking out of the view of traffic, such as before the brow of a hill, causes unnecessary risks. Think before you park.

Related Information

Parking can cause an obstruction to others in a variety of situations. The most common is when people park on the side of roads or streets where it is not allowed, such as in front of fire hydrants, bus stops, and driveways. This type of parking creates an obstruction for emergency vehicles that need quick access to those areas and also blocks pedestrians from using sidewalks safely. Additionally, if cars are parked too close together they can block other drivers’ view while trying to turn onto a street or exit a driveway which could create dangerous conditions for everyone involved.

In residential neighborhoods parking issues often arise due to limited space available near homes and apartment buildings. People may be tempted to park their car on the sidewalk even though this causes an obstruction for pedestrians who must walk around them instead of having clear access along the sidewalk path like they should have been able do otherwise without any interference from parked cars blocking their way . Similarly , during special events such as concerts or festivals , large numbers of visitors may make finding adequate legal parking difficult so some individuals might choose illegal spots that impede upon other motorists’ ability move freely through traffic .

Overall , it's important for all drivers remember that improper parking – whether intentional or accidental - has potential consequences beyond just being ticketed by law enforcement officers . Parking inappropriately can lead obstructions which put both property owners nearby at risk as well as anyone else who needs use public spaces like sidewalks roads etcetera with ease safety comfortability free from any obstacles caused by careless disregard rules regulations regarding proper etiquette when comes vehicle placement



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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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