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When you approach a bus signalling to move off from a bus stop you should _________.

A Allow it to pull away, if it is safe to do so.

Try to give way to buses if you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from bus stops. Look out for people who’ve stepped off the bus or are running to catch it, and may try to cross the road without looking. Don’t try to accelerate past before it moves away or flash your lights as other road users may be misled by this signal.

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One of the most important things we can do as drivers is to give way to buses if possible. This not only helps ensure that public transportation runs smoothly, but also keeps our roads safe and efficient for everyone who uses them.

When approaching a bus stop, always look out for people stepping off or running towards the bus in an attempt to catch it. Give them time and space so they don’t have to cross the road without looking first; this could potentially lead to serious injury or even death due to other vehicles on the road not being aware of their presence. Additionally, never try to accelerate past before the bus moves away from its stop nor flash your lights at other users – these signals may be misinterpreted by others, which could cause confusion and further danger on our roads.

By following these simple steps, we can help make sure that buses are able to move freely around town while keeping all pedestrians safe along with ourselves as well! It is essential that each driver take responsibility in order keep traffic flowing safely throughout our cities - giving way where necessary will go a long way towards achieving this goal!


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