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When may you drive a motor car in this bus lane?

A Outside its hours of operation.

Some bus lanes only operate during peak hours and other vehicles may use them outside these hours. Make sure you check the sign for the hours of operation before driving in a bus lane.

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What is a bus lane?

Generally intended to speed up public transportation that would otherwise be slowed down by traffic congestion, bus lanes are lanes that are only accessible to buses on certain days and at specified hours. Road markings and signs that specify which (if any) other vehicles are allowed to use the bus lane are used to identify bus lanes. Unless otherwise indicated, you shouldn't drive in a bus lane during its operation hours.

When can you enter a bus lane?

A blue sign specifies the operating hours and the type or types of permitted vehicles. The sign is placed in front of the bus lane. If the bus lane is long, the sign is repeated. An arrow or dotted white line on the carriageway will let you know if it's okay to make a left turn over a bus lane.

Which vehicles can use a bus lane?

To learn who and when may use the bus lane, read the signs posted there. Only local bus services are allowed to use the bus lane, according to some signs that may include the word "local". Vehicles that can use a bus lane might include:

- Buses with no less than 10 seats (including the driver)

- Licensed taxis (hackney carriages)

- Motorcycles (without side cars)

- Mopeds

- Scooters

- Tricycles (non-motorised, motorised under 450kg, not with side cars)

- Bicycles


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