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When driving a car fitted with automatic transmission what would you use ‘kick down’ for?

A Quick acceleration.

‘Kick down’ selects a lower gear, enabling the vehicle to accelerate faster.

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What is ‘kick down’?

When the accelerator pedal is fully depressed (beyond the point of full acceleration), a lower gear is immediately engaged. This is called kick-down. Release of the accelerator from the kick-down position causes the gearbox to change up automatically.

What Are the Purposes of Kickdown in an Automatic Car?

When kickdown is activated in an automatic vehicle, a lower gear is engaged, increasing the engine speed (RPM, or Revolutions Per Minute). Power increases as engine speed does. Kickdown would be used for:

- Overtaking another vehicle

- Driving uphill

- Towing a heavy load

Safety function

The gearbox control program includes a protective downshift inhibitor to stop engine overrevving. The gearbox does not allow downshifting or kick-down, which would raise the engine speed to a point where it would be damaged. The original gear is still engaged if the driver continues to shift down in this manner while the engine is running at a high speed. Depending on engine speed, the car can shift down one or more steps at a time upon kick-down. In order to avoid engine damage, the car shifts up when the engine reaches its maximum speed.


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