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What would suggest you're driving on ice?

A There's less tyre noise.

Drive extremely carefully when the roads are icy. When travelling on ice, tyres make virtually no noise and the steering feels light and unresponsive. In icy conditions be very gentle when braking, accelerating and steering.

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Driving on ice can be a very dangerous and difficult task. It is important to take extra precautions when driving in icy conditions, as the roads can become slippery and hazardous. The first thing I would suggest for driving on ice is to make sure your vehicle has been properly maintained with good tires that have plenty of treads left. This will help ensure that you have enough traction while navigating through icy terrain. Additionally, it’s wise to reduce speed while traveling over these slick surfaces; this not only increases safety but also reduces the likelihood of sliding or skidding off course due to loss of control from going too fast.

It’s also important not just drive slowly but carefully as well; always keep an eye out for any other vehicles around you and maintain proper distance between them so there are no accidents if one slips or slides unexpectedly due sudden changes in road condition caused by weather or other factors like potholes filled with snow/ice etc.. In addition, having winter emergency items such as blankets, flashlights and flares stored in your car at all times can come handy during unexpected breakdowns which may occur from time-to-time especially during extreme cold temperatures associated with wintry season where even simple tasks like changing a flat tire becomes extremely difficult without proper gear/equipment .

Finally I would advise drivers who plan on taking long trips over snowy areas should avoid doing so alone since it could be potentially risky situation if something goes wrong along their route - having another person present who knows how handle such situations might save lives! All things considered though, following basic safety guidelines mentioned above should provide sufficient protection against most hazards associated with driving on ice – however never forget respect Mother Nature's power & remember its better stay safe than sorry!


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