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What style of driving causes increased risk to everyone?

A Competitive.

Competitive driving increases the risks to everyone and is the opposite of responsible, considerate and defensive driving. Defensive driving is about questioning the actions of other road users and being prepared for the unexpected. Don’t be taken by surprise.

Related Information

When drivers are on the road, they are engaging in competitive driving when they want to or need to. This competitive driving style can be extremely risky, increasing collision risk. Unfortunately, male drivers under the age of 25 exhibit more competitive driving than any other group of drivers. Their risk of an accident consequently rises as a result. Competitive drivers tend to:

- Late brake for traffic lights

- ‘Straight‘ line at a roundabout

- Play loud music while driving

- Move together with several cars

- Swap lanes sporadically on a dual carriageway

- Revve engine when waiting for a green light

- Honk their horn at pedestrians

- Hog the middle lane

It is crucial to be able to identify competitive drivers in order to more accurately analyze the road and your own driving. Your defensive driving skills will improve as a result, enabling you to make wiser choices when dealing with competitive drivers.


Opeyemi Shanu TV

1 year ago

Great tutor

Tam Montgomery

1 year ago

Easy to read straight forward good at explaining things

Suraj Radhakrishnan

1 year ago

Easy to navigate through and easy to learn

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