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What should you do when parking your vehicle facing downhill?

A Turn the steering wheel towards the kerb.

Turning the wheels towards the kerb will allow it to act as a chock, preventing any forward movement of the vehicle. It will also help to leave it in gear, or select 'Park' if you have an automatic.

Related Information

When parking your vehicle facing downhill, there are a few important steps you should take to ensure it is done safely. First and foremost, always make sure that the handbrake is firmly engaged before leaving your vehicle. This will prevent any potential roll-aways as gravity pulls the car down the hill. Secondly, if possible angle your wheels towards the curb in order to further reduce chances of movement while parked. Lastly, when returning to your car be sure to double check that all components are properly secured before driving away - this includes ensuring doors and windows have been closed securely and checking for any visible signs of damage or tampering with the vehicle itself!

By following these simple tips you can rest assured knowing that not only has safety been taken into account but also convenience - no one wants their car rolling away unexpectedly! Additionally taking extra precautions such as using wheel wedges or chocks may provide an added layer of security depending on how steeply sloped a particular area might be; however keep in mind these measures may not always be necessary depending on conditions at hand (i.e., flat surface).

Parking vehicles facing downhill can seem intimidating at first glance but with proper preparation it doesn’t have to remain so daunting! By taking some basic precautionary steps outlined above drivers will find themselves enjoying peace of mind during those times they must leave their cars unattended while out running errands or going about daily activities without worry over what could happen next!



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Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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