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What should the driver of the car approaching the crossing do?

A Slow down and get ready to stop.

Look well ahead to see if any hazards are developing. This will give you more time to deal with them in the correct way. The man in the picture is clearly intending to cross the road. You should be travelling at a speed that allows you to check your mirror, slow down and stop in good time. You shouldn’t have to brake harshly.

Related Information

The driver of the car approaching a crossing should always slow down and be prepared to stop. This is important for several reasons; firstly, it allows them to react quickly if someone or something unexpectedly appears in their path. Secondly, slowing down gives drivers more time to look out for potential hazards such as pedestrians or animals that may have wandered onto the road. Thirdly, coming to a complete stop at crossings ensures that drivers can take note of any signs indicating when they are allowed to proceed through safely - this could include traffic lights or railway signals which tell them when it is safe to cross over tracks without fear of colliding with an oncoming train.

By taking these precautions before entering a crossing area, drivers can protect themselves from potentially dangerous situations and ensure everyone’s safety on the roads around them - including pedestrians who may not be aware of vehicles travelling nearby due to poor visibility conditions like foggy weather or darkness after sunset. Slowing down also allows people behind you ample time so they don't need rush into intersections either; this helps reduce congestion throughout busy cities where many cars are frequently passing through multiple crossings in one day.

Overall, being mindful about how fast one drives near crossings can help prevent accidents by giving yourself enough time and space needed to see what lies ahead while still maintaining steady flow traffic overall. By following these simple steps, all motorists will benefit from safer streets!


Darren bradbury

2 years ago

Great app would recommend

Ashish Mudaliar

2 years ago

Excellent questionnaire and detailed explanation

Solomon Indrias

2 years ago

Simple to study and it helps me alot to pass my theory test.

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