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What is the maximum specified fine for driving without insurance?

A £5,000

It is a serious offence to drive without insurance. As well as a heavy fine you may be disqualified or incur penalty points.

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Is it always prohibited to drive without having car insurance?

Driving a car on a public road without at least the most basic level of car insurance (third party insurance) is illegal. You do not need insurance if the area where you are driving can’t be accessed by the public. Third party insurance is the very least you require legally. It will protect you if you are held liable for a car accident that results in someone else's injuries or property damage. In addition to third-party insurance, you have the option of purchasing protection against fire and theft or comprehensive insurance, which also covers damage to your own car.

What will happen if the police pull me over for driving without insurance?

Police officers may determine if a car is insured or not thanks to number plate recognition cameras. You have seven days to give the police an up-to-date insurance certificate if you are pulled over and asked to show your documents. You cannot merely get insurance during that seven-day period; it must be in effect at the time you were stopped. If you believe you have coverage, double-check your policy to be sure there aren't any mistakes. And you might have a defense if you discover that your insurance was cancelled without your knowledge. Driving without insurance would only be illegal if the insurance provider had made a reasonable effort to inform you of the cancellation.

What are some ‘special reasons’ for driving without insurance?

Arguments for "special reasons" have occasionally been used to lessen the harshness of a punishment. Although strictly guilty of operating a vehicle without insurance, it might be argued that there are extenuating circumstances. Here are some examples of this, however, there are more as well:

- An insurance company terminating a policy without informing the holder

- No policy being in effect as a result of provider's mistakes

- A person being notified that they can lawfully operate the car (by the vehicle owner or policyholder)

- A person who has good cause to think they are covered by insurance


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