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What is the main hazard shown in this picture?

A The cyclist crossing the road

Look at the picture carefully and try to imagine you’re there. The cyclist in this picture appears to be trying to cross the road. You must be able to deal with the unexpected, especially when you’re approaching a hazardous junction. Look well ahead to give yourself time to deal with any hazards.

Related Information

As a driver, it is important to be aware of cyclists on the road. A cyclist crossing the road can often present a dangerous situation for both themselves and drivers. Therefore, it’s important to know what you should do when you see one crossing the street.

First and foremost, stay alert! When driving in areas where there are cyclists or pedestrians around, always pay attention to your surroundings so that you can react quickly if necessary. Also be sure not to drive too close behind them as this could cause an accident if they have to suddenly stop or change direction unexpectedly.

Second, slow down! If possible, try to slow down before approaching an area with cyclists or pedestrians so that you can give yourself more time and space when passing by them safely without having to make sudden stops or turns which could startle them into taking evasive action, which may lead to further danger for everyone involved including yourself as well as those nearby who may not even be aware of what's going on until it's already too late. Additionally, reducing speed will also help ensure that any unexpected movements made by either party are less likely to result in collision due to their reduced momentum at lower speeds than higher ones, thus providing better protection against potential accidents altogether.

Finally, use caution when turning near cyclist crossings - especially right hand turns since these often require cutting across lanes of traffic where other vehicles might not expect someone coming from outside their line-of-sight, making it much easier for collisions to occur. So take extra care here, double check blind spots & turn signals before entering intersections & look twice just in case any unsuspected riders enter your vicinity unannounced during times like rush hour, etc.

In summary, being mindful about cycling safety is key whenever sharing roads with others whether they’re cars, bikes, trucks, etc. As long we all keep our eyes open & practice safe driving habits, everyone stands benefit from safer streets overall!


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