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What information is found on a vehicle registration document?

A The registered keeper

Every vehicle used on the road has a registration document. It shows vehicle details including date of first registration, registration number, previous keeper, registered keeper, make of vehicle, engine size, chassis number, year of manufacture and colour.

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What is a vehicle registration document?

A vehicle registration document or certificate (VRC) is an official document that proves a vehicle's registration. It is largely used by governments to ensure that all road vehicles are registered on the national vehicle register, but it is also employed as a form of law enforcement and to expedite ownership changes when buying and selling a car.

What information is on a vehicle registration document?

It will include information on the car, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN), the name(s) under which it is registered, as well as their address, the license plate number, the vehicle make and model, the registration number, and the expiration date.

How to get a vehicle registration document?

If you have all of the necessary documentation, registering your automobile is not a difficult task. For your convenience, below is a list of required papers.

- Identity verification

- The Vehicle Purchase Invoice

- PAN Card copy of vehicle insurance

- The dealer granted temporary registration.

- Receipt for registration fees

- Form 20.

- Form 22, Form 22-A, i.e. the manufacturer's roadworthiness certificate

- Form 21 - a vehicle dealer's sales certificate

How much does it cost to register a vehicle?

You should be aware that the car registration fee is Rs. 600, regardless of the vehicle's worth. However, the Government of India planned to raise registration costs. But, due to a significant drop in automobile sales, the government has decided to postpone this raise.

How can I obtain an online Vehicle Registration Document?

The activity of registering a car, like other things, is becoming more digital with time. It is done to make the entire operation easier and faster. To obtain the registration certificate online, go to the Vahan integrated site for car registration. Aside from registration, you may also renew your RC, obtain a fitness certificate, and seek ownership transfer. However, there may be times when you lose your RC. If this occurs, simply apply for a duplicate RC.


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