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What does this sign tell you?

A No waiting zone ends.

The blue and red circular sign on its own means that waiting restrictions are in force. This sign shows that you are leaving the controlled zone and waiting restrictions no longer apply.

Related Information

The blue and red circular sign is a common sight in many cities across the world. It is used to indicate that waiting restrictions are in force, which means that drivers must adhere to certain regulations when parking their vehicles. This sign can be seen prominently displayed on street corners, near bus stops, or at entrances of controlled zones such as shopping centers or residential areas.

When this sign appears alone without any other accompanying signs, it indicates that waiting restrictions are currently active and should be respected by all motorists who come into contact with it. Drivers must follow these rules carefully; failure to do so could result in fines or even vehicle impoundment depending on the severity of the offense committed against these regulations. The most common restriction enforced by this signage includes not leaving your car parked for more than a specified amount of time within an area where this rule applies; usually no more than two hours unless otherwise stated on additional signage nearby.

On the other hand, if you see only one blue and red circular sign with "ZONE ENDS", you know you’re leaving a controlled zone where waiting restrictions were previously applicable - meaning they no longer apply beyond its boundaries! This allows drivers freedom from having to abide by specific parking laws while still showing respect for local traffic ordinances wherever possible outside those restricted areas – allowing them peace-of-mind knowing they won’t receive any fines due to inadvertently breaking them unknowingly!



3 years ago

I love its graphics


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This app helps me learn whilst being free. I can learn my weaknesses and aim to pass at higher score


3 years ago

Helping my daughter with the theory side of the test. Only wish we’d found it earlier on! Even I’m learning/getting reminded of what things mean again!

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