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What does this sign mean?

A Trams crossing ahead

This sign warns you to beware of trams. If you don’t usually drive in a town where there are trams, remember to look out for them at junctions and look for tram rails, signs and signals.

Related Information

When driving in a town where there are trams, it is important to be aware of the special considerations that need to be taken. This sign warns you to beware of trams crossing ahead and should always be heeded when encountered on the road. It is essential for drivers unfamiliar with tram-filled towns or cities to take extra care at junctions as they may not have seen this type of warning before.

The most important thing for drivers who come across this sign is to remember that they must look out for any signs, signals or rails which indicate the presence of a tram line ahead. Tram lines can often crossroads without warning so being alert and looking out for these indicators can help avoid potential accidents caused by failing to spot one in time. By following these simple steps, motorists will ensure their safety while driving through areas populated with trams and trains alike!

In conclusion, it’s clear that paying attention when encountering ‘Beware Of Tram Crossing Ahead’ signs while driving is paramount if we want our journeys through such towns or cities safe and successful! Always keep an eye open at junctions as well as lookout for any relevant signage indicating possible crossings – doing so could save your life from unnecessary danger!


Saima Zai Cooking

1 year ago


Kelly Parry

1 year ago

I've only given this a 3star rating at the moment as I've only just started to use the app so am only at stage 1 off questions, what I've done so far I'm very pleased with, straight forward multiple choice questions made understanding questions easy to answer ,not sluggish in anyway app runs perfectly at present

Waqas Shahid

1 year ago

Recently i passed Theory test just by relying on this app. I will recommend this for the only MCqs . Got 45/50. But, there is no single clip of hazard perception in this app. I would suggest that programmer shoyld add clips for the candidates benefits. 4/5*

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